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With us, dreams come true! Being a pilot once and looking at the world from a high-up in a state-of-the-art cockpit doesn't have to remain an unfulfilled dream. Book a ticket with us for this unforgettable experience - whether as a gift voucher or for yourself.


In our flight simulator training center in Attikon near Winterthur you have the opportunity to complete adventure flights in professional flight simulators. You don't need any previous knowledge for this and before the simulator flight you will be trained in an initial briefing on the most important functions in the cockpit. After that it starts. You sit in the F/O (first officer) seat and take off for your adventure flight. You are free to choose departure and arrival destinations.

You see the wings sway as if they are about to break. You hear a noise and immediately think of an irregularity. Your palms get clammy and cold, your heart is pounding and your stomach is clenching. Then it's time for a fear of flying seminar.


Do you know the feeling of nervousness, fear and insecurity before a flight? Then you are in good company! Because almost a third of the passengers have an acute fear of flying.  We take away your fear of flying in an understandable way and show you the incredible systems and properties of an airliner. You can choose whether you want to complete the fear of flying seminar in a cockpit or in a theory room.


Flight Basic Courses

Combination of theory followed by practical training or adventure flights.
(We offer different packages combined with the appropriate theory).


As instructors we offer: ATPL, CPL, PPL as well as pilots in training as instructors.

Eurocopter EC135 T2 with Motion


Eurocopter EC135 T2 with Motion

Flight Simulator Team Events

Are you still looking for the perfect and extraordinary team event for your company as a workshop or for your team building? Would you like to experience something exciting with your family or friends? Our simulators are perfect for group events of various sizes.


Book a team event with us. We offer individual courses for groups of 4 or more. We promote teamwork in the group and show what is important in teamwork. In the cockpit, cooperation and clear communication are crucial.

All team event members are involved in turns. A maximum of 4 simulators are available for large groups. Meals and catering can be ordered on request.

Boeing B737-800 FSC Professional Flight Simulator

This simulator is ideal for a first adventure flight in an airliner cockpit. You can complete flexible flights with an instructor or, if you wish, with your companion, try landings yourself and much more. No prior knowledge required. The recommended minimum age is 12 years. From experience we recommend 90 minutes.

Boeing B737-800 Professional Flight Simulator

This simulator is ideal for a first adventure flight in an airliner cockpit. Since the cockpit moves on 6 axes, flexible flights can only be completed with an experienced instructor, try landings yourself and much more. No previous knowledge is necessary here either. The recommended minimum age is 12 years. From experience we recommend 90 minutes.

Offer of the month FTD Trainer VENYO

flight training

flight training

Individual training, theory and/or practice in the training room and/or in the Boeing B737-800NG (EASA FTD Level 2) MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) Boeing B737-800NG (EASA FTD Level 2) theory + training UPRT 120min (Upset Recovery Training) Boeing B737-800NG (EASA FTD Level 2) & FANS (Future Air Navigation System) Boeing B737-800NG (EASA FTD Level 2) 


We support you in preparing your type rating. Our flight simulators for preparing for a type rating are a Boeing B737-800NG and a Eurocopter EC135 T2. Our instructors also have access to other models such as the A320. Ask us. Mr. Lecci will be happy to advise you.

Individual training

The new Venyo B737-800 NG full flight trainer

Put your training together according to your wishes. Whether you want to learn the basics of VFR (visual flight) and/or IFR (instrument flight), insight into various aircraft systems or procedures such as airspace structures, transatlantic crossings (NAT/HLA/OTS), ILS (blind landing procedures) or simply have general questions about aviation. We are your contact. 

The real instrumentation enables training in almost any flight situation. Practice how to behave in the event of system and engine failures, various wind and weather situations and other exceptional situations.

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