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escape room

In the B737 simulator cockpit

Who does not know it? The Escape Room, being trapped. A special task awaits you with us. The two pilots of these real airliner cockpits (the pilot was really in the air) are no longer responsive, now it's up to you to land the plane, which is at 12,000 feet, safely!


But we're going one better. What if you wake up on a plane without a pilot? And now you are forced to take the wheel yourself? Now it shows who has what it takes to keep a cool head and get an overview. The aim of the task is to have fun, learn something new, work in a team, and maybe burn a few calories while sweating.

We offer you 4 levels of difficulty:

"Easy" In this case, the autopilot is fully functional and help is available. The plane doesn't bother either.

"Medium" On Medium the autopilot works but help is only available from the tower on the ground, so the amount of help you can expect is limited in this case.

"Difficult"Oh no, the autopilot has now failed, now we fly by hand, all of a sudden you have your hands full. Help is also only available from the tower on the ground.

"Help! Where am I?" You could also have chosen "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard". There is no mercy on this program. Pretty much everything is broken here. The radio also failed.
The good news is that this is definitely where you burn the most calories.

Escape Room Landing Challenges Offers

A gift certificate with thrills in a real airliner cockpit trainer. In a real airliner cockpit. Abandoned above the clouds, you are forced to take the controls of a Boeing B737. In this case, the autopilot is fully functional and help is available. An experience for two people. Recommended minimum age: 12 years. We recommend 90 minutes medium.


Normally, this Escape Room Cockpit is used for procedure, training and experience flights. The B737-800 FBS simulator with a collimated visual dome all-round view of 210 x 40 degrees sets new standards for a real flight experience. You are connected via intercom and radio so that the control center (tower) can give you useful and helpful instructions. Certainly a lasting escape room experience.

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