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Sim Aviation - flight simulators

Flight simulators for adventure flights & pilot training

Would you like to sit in a real cockpit that has flown tens of thousands of hours and now serves as a pilot trainer?
Train to fly in a professional simulator or try yourself as a pilot? This is exactly what is possible with us.

Hi-end flight simulators for procedural training and flight experiences. Whether full flight simulators with 3 to 6 dof motion platforms or fixed base trainers. We advise and support you with your simulator project. In our flight simulator training center in Attikon near Winterthur, you also have the opportunity to complete test, training and adventure flights in professional flight simulators.

Boeing B737-800 full flight / motion

Choose between a Boeing FSC-737-800 with 6 dof motion simulator or the Fullflight Venyo B737-800 with a collimated Q4 Supra Vue vision system. You train on both systems under the most realistic conditions and can realistically simulate system and engine failures as well as a wide variety of wind and weather situations. As an adventure flight, enjoy the unique opportunity to get to know the complexity of an airliner and fly this aircraft with your own hands and feet.


Eurocopter EC135 T2 with Motion

In the SAS EC 135 Flight Training Helicopter you will experience and practice all the necessary control axes that need to be mastered when flying a helicopter. And all this in a 210 x 100 degree projection dome. Gradually, the instructor hands over the individual control axes. This model is also suitable for system failure and reaction training in a wide variety of wind and weather situations. Here you will learn how to deal with difficult conditions and practice landing safely in exceptional situations.


The new Venyo B737-800 NG full flight trainer

We currently operate two new Boeing B737-800 NG FTD 2 /FNPTII MCC with collimated display & RSI Image Generator. 

Real instrumentation and fully functional cockpit instruments allow you to experience and train in almost every imaginable flight situation. Whether VFR flights (Visual Flight Rules) or IFR flights (Instrumental Flight Rules). In our Flight Training Devices you experience and train how to behave in the event of system and engine failures and learn how to deal with difficult conditions in flight in a wide variety of wind and weather situations and learn how to land safely even in exceptional situations.

AAA Cockpit-topaz.jpeg


Take off with us...

Whether fun flight experience or training flights,

with us you are in professional hands.

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