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Airplane taking off from the airport, front view..jpg

Fear of flying seminars

We help you

We take away your fear of flying in a very personal seminar. In a real airliner cockpit (professional flight simulator) you will learn about the safety systems and the handling of an airplane. You will learn to understand why noise, vibrations are normal and learn a lot about airplanes and the structure of an airplane. We support you with questions about aviation and convey to you: joy and familiarity in front of us while flying.

Airplane taking off from the airport, front view..jpg

Do you know the feeling of nervousness, fear and insecurity before a flight? Then you are in good company! Because almost a third of the passengers have an acute fear of flying. We take away your fear of flying in an understandable way and show you the exciting areas of aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and safety systems of an airliner. In the cockpit you will learn how noises arise, safety systems work and what happens when turbulence occurs, why noises and vibrations arise and what they mean exactly.

Fear of flying seminars

Technology, connections, noises and perceived feelings are discussed in several specialist areas and resolved step by step. Questions to a real pilot are a matter of course for us. The recommended minimum age is 10 years. We recommend a 180-minute fear of flying seminar with a visit to a real airliner cockpit trainer.

Our courses are usually conducted by a fear of flying specialist and real pilots. Because our experience shows that people with a fear of flying often know too little about the technology of flying and far too little about flight safety. In our fear of flying seminar you will become familiar with the world of flying in a pleasant and exciting way. We answer all your questions about safety, the weather and technology. So you can soon enjoy a flight and have background information that will let you sleep well before the flight.


After the seminar:
You are looking forward to your next flight and now you understand why the noises and feelings that you hear and feel on a flight arise.

Sim-Aviation Fear of Flying Seminar at a glance:



How is lift created and why does an airplane fly.



How does an airplane behave on the ground and in the air.



How is a structure essentially constructed?



What if an instrument or drive fails.



How much is invested in flight safety.

turbulence & flashes

What happens when it shakes, shakes and flashes.



What is actually made possible for us?



Where are all these noises coming from and what do they mean?


We help to make you feel more relaxed, familiar and safe before and during your next flight with an airline.


We look forward to you.

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