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Professional B737-800 NG flight simulator with 6-Dof Motion.A professional B737-800NG FSC flight simulator for realistic adventure flights. Airliner flight simulator for training and entertainment flights.


Airliner flight simulator for procedure, training and experience flights. The B737-800 NG full flight simulator with a movable 6 dof motion cockpit platform and an OLED all-round view of 240 x 40 degrees sets new standards for a real flight experience in motion training airliners.

- 6 Dof Motion platform

- Dual yoke / dual tiller

- Visual 210° x 40° (curved screens)

- 2x FMC computers

- 10 servers setup

- Full functional training device

- VFR & IFR training

- Procedure training

- Full functional autopilot MFC & ILS

- 3 axis force feedback

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