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Helicopter flight simulators for procedures, training and adventure flights. Real avionics, motion and a 210°x100° dome projection. The EC 135 full flight simulator with a movable platform and dome all-round view projection sets new standards.


Technical specifications

- 3 Dof Motion platform

- Dual seat with dual controls

- Dome projection 210°x100°

- 2x FMC flight management

- 11 server setup

- Hi-End Flight training

- Full functional training device

- VFR & IFR training ready

- Procedure training

- Fully functional autopilot

- FMC & ILS 2x GNS530

The EC 135 full flight simulator with a movable 3dof motion cockpit platform and a dome all-round view of 210 x 100 degrees projection sets new standards for a real feeling of flying in motion training helicopters. A real instrumentation and fully functional cockpit instruments allow you to experience and train from almost every imaginable flight situation. Whether VFR flights (Visual Flight Rules) or IFR flights (Instrumental Flight Rules). In the EC 135 Flight Training Helicopter, you experience and train how to behave in the event of system and engine failures and learn how to deal with difficult conditions in a helicopter flight in a wide variety of wind and weather situations and learn how to land safely even in exceptional situations.

Ec135 Flugsimulator.jpg
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