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Airliner flight simulator for procedure, training and experience flights. The B737-800 NG full flight simulator with a movable 6 DOF motion cockpit platform and a curved screen all-round view of 240° x 40° sets new standards for a real feeling of flight.

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real conditions

- 6 dof motion platform

- Dual seat with dual yoke

- Visual 240° x 40°

- 2x FMC computers

- 10 servers setup

- Hi-End Flight training

- Full functional training device

- VFR & IFR training ready

- Procedure training

- Full functionality  MFC & ILS

- 3 axis force feedback

The B737NG-800 full flight simulator with a movable 6dof motion cockpit platform and an all-round view of 240 x 60 degrees with over 16 million pixels (17920x1600) convey an incredible feeling of flying in this airliner. A 1 to 1 replicated instrumentation and fully functional cockpit instruments allow you to experience and train from almost every conceivable flight situation and allows you to train in unforeseen situations "Procedure Training". Whether VFR flights (Visual Flight Rules) or IFR flights (Instrumental Flight Rules). In the Boeing B737 cockpit you will experience how a passenger plane can be operated and everything that is necessary for a safe flight and safe landing.

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