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Gift Voucher - Fear of Flying Seminar "Individual Seminar" 180min (With an experienced instructor in a real Boeing FTD training simulator cockpit)


According to statistics, every second passenger feels uncomfortable when flying. Although flying is officially considered the safest mode of transport, for many this is cold consolation. The reason for this is often: ignorance about processes, noises, or procedures that are often not understandable for outsiders. 

We take away your fear of flying in a very personal seminar. In a real airliner cockpit (professional flight simulator) you will learn about the safety systems and the handling of an airplane. You will learn to understand why noise, vibrations are normal and learn a lot about airplanes and the structure of an airplane. We support you with questions about aviation and convey to you: joy and familiarity in front of us while flying. Once you understand the context, the fear that comes with it will go away. The aim of the seminar is to give the participant a good understanding so that flying can be fun and comfortable in the future. Course for one person in a real Boeing FTD cockpit.

Order number SA-GG-FA-180-EZ

Gift voucher - Fear of flying seminar - 180min single

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