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Experience flight B737 FSC - 90min in the flight simulator without motion (the cockpit cell does not move)

Welcome to a professional B737 FSC flight simulator with 210 degree all-round view! You start with a professional instruction on the functions, controls and the basics of flying. After that, discuss with your instructor (a real pilot) what you would like to experience or train for. We respond individually to your wishes. Whether day or night flight, departure and destination airport as well as learning and experiencing landing approaches. There are practically no limits to what you can do in our professional training simulators. After the briefing, sit in the co-pilot seat. With your instructor, you steer and operate the avionics instruments right from the start. An experience that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. For max. 1-2 people a  90min in the cockpit. Instruction 15 min

Gift Voucher - Adventure Flight B737 FSC - 90min without Motion

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