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Our new F-35 fighter jet flight simulators were specially developed by us for training and parallel flights in pairs. The two F-35 flight simulators have the complete avionics and can be flown using a screen or high-end VR glasses. We have two of these new flight simulators available for realistic adventure flights.

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F-35 fighter jet flight simulators for training and Parallel flights for two. The two F-35 flight simulators have HI End VR glasses, complete avionics and can also be flown using a screen. Realistic adventure flights, individual challenges or fun flights. You will definitely work up a sweat alone or in pairs in this fighter trainer. We have two of these new F-35 flight simulators available.

- Dual setup

- Motion platform

- Real yoke / real linear throttle

- Visual Screen and Hi End VR Goggle

- Full avionics

- 4 servers setup

- Full functional training device

- VFR & IFR training

- Procedure training

- full functionality autopilot

- Force Feedback

We design and manufacture our flight simulators in Switzerland. This simulator is currently in the test phase and can therefore not yet be booked regularly.Expected release for adventure flights 03/30/2023

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